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Cryptocurrencies were created to have utility and be spent.
Yet the multi-billion dollar gaming and entertainment industry offers
few if any chances for crypto holders to spend their tokens.
If we are to go mainstream, there must be a solution.



BiNGO is the first pan-entertainment platform to operate on a blockchain. It applies decentralization principles to heavy user aggregation and gameplayer communications, creating a new generation of entertainment platforms.

The project is composed of a Customer Management System, the BiNGO Wallet, a Traffic Exchange System, a Decentralized Data Analysis System, and the BiNGO Foundation.


The World's First Blockchain Pan-Entertainment Platform


Asynchronous Fairness
Verifying Module

A solution to unfair competitive environments found in traditional games, also known as 'Black Case Work'. As a decentralized verifying module, it promotes user trust and engagement.


User Management

An integration of: User Registration Module BiNGO Wallet; Assets Transaction Module (including but not limited to game-leveling, playmates, in-game purchases, tipping and rewarding); and a Community Maintenance Module.



The platform’s proprietary digital wallet solves payment problems for blockchain-based games. It covers all main purchase channels for digital currencies on the market, providing a one-step solution to the lack of integrated digital wallets.


Data Analysis

An application of smart contracts as independent guarantees for data transparency and accessibility. The system is designed to satisfy the special data needs of developers and publishers.


Integrated Smart
Contract Translator

A protocol that enables a single set of code to adopt different smart contract platforms. This cuts time and learning costs for developers.


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    Matt Lee CEO

    Matt started his career as a game developer at leading mobile game company Com2uS in 2003. After subsequent roles at Huawei and nVidia, he founded Mob Arts on Christmas 2010 to lead his own team of game developers. During his 8 years as CEO, Matt has grown Mob Arts from a three-employee to a hundred-employee firm, and has built one of the top ranking game companies in China. Now his eyes are set on the potential of blockchain-based games.
    He is a graduate from Harbin Institute of Technology, holds an EMBA at CKGSB in China, and attended Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

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    Peter Pan CTO

    As an expert in server-side development, Peter has held the role of CTO at Mob Arts since 2011. He was in charge of development for the phenomenal House of Heroes — the first third-party mobile game published on all Tencent social platforms, raking in millions of dollars in profits, 50 million downloads and more than 8 million daily active users. He is also responsible for the development of Space Tanks Online —which is published worldwide by NEXON— and is a key developer for two SLG games featured in Google Play.
    Peter is a 2011 graduate from Hebei Finance University with a major in Computer Science and Technology.

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    Sunny Lee CMO

    From 2009 to 2012, Sunny took office at top game companies Gameloft, GLU, and ELEX. She then lead overseas game publishing at the Chinese social network giant Renren, Inc. and worked as Operation Director for the overseas department at Gamewave Group, taking charge of game publishing in Latin America. From 2014 to 2016 Sunny started Stark Interactive, where she took responsibility for worldwide publishing before joining Mob Arts in 2017 for her roles in game operations and marketing.
    She graduated from Biochemistry Engineering College at Beijing Union University with a major in marketing in 2004.

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    Patrick Dai Advisor

    Qtum co-founder and part of the 2017 30 Under 30 list by Forbes China.

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    Ma Zhao F. Advisor

    A devoted to researcher for blockchain, network security, and digital rights management. Dr. Ma now leads a blockchain technology team in Beijing, after presiding over twelve research projects. His research also extends to mainstream blockchain platforms including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger and has guided the deployment of several blockchain platforms and applications .
    He holds a post-doctorate degree at Tsinghua University and is an IEEE and ACM member.

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Tech Team Technical Partner

A comprehensive online game operator with almost a decade in the industry and recent investments by giants such as Tencent. Mob Arts endeavors to develop, publish, operate, and invest in game products for multiple platforms.


BeeChat Partner

A blockchain-based instant messaging service and cryptocurrency community. It’s built using proprietary technology with servers around the world. BeeChat offers fast and reliable communication in an ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape. As part of the cryptocurrency community, BeeChat also invites key opinion leaders, coin issuers, and startup teams to administer their own groups and chats to interact with their subcommunities.


The success of the BiNGO Platform will be dependent on offering users a wide range of world-class games and entertainment. MobArts, as our technical partner and an award-winning game publisher, has a history of releasing top-tier games that have been downloaded more than a hundred million of times and consistently ranked in the top 10 on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.



A MOBA game developed by Mob Arts. The prospective layout and development was finished in early 2011 as one of the most advanced in the industry. Space Tanks Online became extremely popular after its release and granted exclusive license to the world’s top game publisher, NEXON, in September of the same year. It was then published in Western countries and Korea, where it topped the Korean App Store the first week after its official launch.


House of Heroes

A genre-defining RPG card game developed by Mob Arts in September 2013 as the first third-party developed game to launch on all Tencent platforms (WeChat, MobileQQ, Myapp) in China. It quickly became the top-grossing game of the App Store within three days after launch. By its first week it had over 10 million downloads, and created revenues of over $19 million dollars in its first month. In total, House of Heroes gained $100 million dollars and over 50 million users.

In 2014, after House of Heroes’ success in China, top game publishers around the world fled to Mob Arts to negotiate exclusive publishing deals in different regions, garnering worldwide popularity.


Wrath of War

In July 2017, Mob Arts determined to begin its globalization strategy in game publishing. Its first project is the U3D strategy game Wrath of War, which was developed independently by the company over the course of two years. As a high-quality, artful, and intelligent game, it satisfied the strategy game market. After launch, the public praise of strategy game players fueled its download numbers and it became featured in Google Play several times.


Dragon Knight 3D

It is a 3D RPG Shooting game, which was also independently developed by Mob Arts. The main gameplay is magical flying dragon air combats, and it also perfectly fused the RPG elements into the game. In March 2015, it was launched on all social platforms of Tencent.As a partner of Tencent --- World’s Internet Giant, Mob Arts, with its 2 main works got launched by Tencent, are so honored to be as the participant and witness of the growing history of Tencent social networking Empire!!



Doom of Aliens Release

Implementation of Basic BiNGO Platform Functionality


More Games Released by BiNGO Foundation

Development of BiNGO Community Functionality

BiNGO Community Launch

Transactions Assests Platform Launch

Adversting Platform

Data Analysis Platform



Published jointly by BiNGO, Qtum and upstart game company Mob Arts, Qtum Heroes is the world’s first blockchain game with specific gameplay including collection, simulation, multiplayer arena, and player versus player.



Doom of Aliens has been in development by BiNGO's technical partner Mob Arts for over two years. Upon launch, it will be the first strategy game to support cryptocurrency payments!


  • Support for cryptocurrency payments
  • Alien-themed, innovative strategy game
  • Single-server communication and instant fights for players all over the world
  • Build your own spaceship and drive it all over the universe.